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Course Description: In this presentation, we will provide a brief introduction to our family-centered ASL curriculum, ASL at Home, then discuss how and why we designed this curriculum around daily routines common in young children’s lives. We will spend the majority of this presentation teaching participants the language techniques described in our book in an interactive format. 



10 minutes - Introduction to ASL at Home

10 minutes - Why routine-based learning

10 minutes - Parallel talk

10 minutes - Imitation

10 minutes - Repetition

10 minutes - Sign in their bubble


Learner Outcomes:

Participants will be able to:

  1. Explain the importance of routine-based learning for young children’s language development
  2. List and define the four language enrichment techniques used in the ASL at Home curriculum
  3. Implement these language enrichment techniques in live, virtual role-play


Razi Zarchy

Razi received his BA in Linguistics and Anthropology from UCLA in 2005 and his MS in Speech-Language Pathology from California State University, Sacramento in 2011. He is currently pursuing a Doctor of Speech Language Pathology (SLPD) at Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions (expected 2023).

Leah Geer

Dr. Leah Geer is a professor of American Sign Language and Deaf Studies at California State University, Sacramento. She received her PhD in Linguistics from the University of Texas at Austin and her Master's in Linguistics from Gallaudet University. Her current interests are in adult acquisition of phonetics and phonology in ASL.

Speaker disclosures

Financial disclosure: Razi receives a salary from San Juan Unified School District, is a co-author/creator of ASL at Home, and receives royalties for this course. Leah receives a salary from California State University, Sacramento, is a co-author/creator of ASL at Home, and receives royalties for this course.

Nonfinancial disclosure: Razi is a member of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, the California Speech-Language-Hearing Association, California Hands & Voices, California Educators of the Deaf, and the American Society for Deaf Children. Leah is a member of the Linguistics Society of America, California Hands & Voices, California Educators of the Deaf , and Sacramento Valley Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf.

Content disclosure: This course focuses specifically on the ASL At Home curriculum.

Continuing Education

This course is offered for 0.10 ASHA CEUs.